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Effective communication is an essential part of scientific work. Collaborations, professional advancement and fundraising all depend on the ability of the doctor/scientist to communicate their research to colleagues. Nowadays, most medical and scientific communication is done in English, and each scientific or medical field has its characteristic jargon. Scientific Writing for publication is at once creative writing aimed at marketing the research to colleagues and presenting it as important and worthy of consideration and future funding; and highly technical and structured writing.


Despite its importance, many professionals cannot dedicate enough time to writing. Science Write Right is uniquely suited to bridge the gap between the amount of data that you have and the number of publications that you want.


My name is Shiri Diskin. I obtained my cell and molecular biology Ph.D. at Tufts University Medical School, and my medical writing profession while working at Teva Pharmaceuticals. Over the years I have written, edited and reviewed scientific journal articles, books and regulatory documents in both Academic and Pharmaceutical Industry settings.


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  • Scientific journal articles

  • Regulatory documents

  • Scientific writing workshops

  • Scientific writing support and coaching